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Apply for a scholarship in Australia and save on your course fees… with a little help from AES.

Many international students are interested in applying for a scholarship to help pay for their study in Australia. This article offers tips and advice to assist with your scholarship applications and increase your chances of receiving sponsorship.

Explore opportunities

There are a range of scholarships available to international students – of these scholarships are designed to attract high-performing students as well as those hoping to work in the country after graduation and may offer assistance with your tuition fees, your accommodation and/or your living expenses. Some scholarships cover these costs for the duration of your study, others cover a proportion of the cost for the duration of your course while others provide a one-off financial assistance payment.

Australian university scholarships

The Australian Government has an extensive scholarship program for international students and invests about $200 million dollars per year in programs at universities and other tertiary institutions. Many of the country’s top institutions including the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the Australian National University (ANU) offer scholarships to study in Australia with added extras, like health cover.

Engage in community life

While many scholarships for international students are based on academic merit or financial need, remember that there are also scholarships that are awarded for participation in community services, community groups, clubs and sporting teams. Australian institutions often look for students who are active in their community and show leadership skills, so note any relevant community involvement in your scholarship cover letter. Even if you are applying for academic or financial need scholarships, community participation can improve your application.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible

There are many scholarship opportunities in Australia, so we recommend that you apply for as many as possible. Don’t limit your search to the education institutions — scholarships may also be offered by residential colleges, the Australian Government, international organisations and government departments in your home country. If applying for a university scholarship then make sure to also enquire with your faculty as some scholarships are awarded by specific faculties (the science faculty, for example) as some are only available to students entering particular courses who are from certain countries (for example, Latin American students studying tourism or Indian students studying business).  

Ask for help with applications

Your scholarship applications are very important — they are often the only means of awarding scholarships, so it is important that your application is clear and without grammar or spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, a simple mistake might result in your application being rejected. To prevent this from happening, ask a person who is fluent in English to review your application, such as a teacher, friend, or parent.

Read the scholarship criteria carefully

Before submitting your application, check that you have provided everything that is required. Make sure that your application meets the deadline, answers all questions in sufficient detail, meets word limits and includes any required supporting documentation. Supporting documents may include a personal statement, a letter of offer, your employment history, references or proof of English language proficiency. Remember that some documents may need to be certified or translated. If you have any questions about your application, you should ask the scholarship provider before submission to ensure you that your application will be considered.

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