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Education is fundamentally valuable to the growth of not only individuals, but humankind. Education is viewed as an integral part of human rights, as it enhances human dignity through knowledge and wisdom. In recognition of this key understanding is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which proclaims regarding access to education that: “Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality”.

Here at Alliance Education Services (AES), we recognise that education is not always available or accessible in every country, thus an inability to fully meet the premise of the declaration: access to education globally. Because of this, AES specialises in opening doors to education and offering life changing opportunities for students to study in, or through, one of the most renowned countries in the world for its level of higher level education and first world opportunities – Australia.

AES is an education service provider that prides itself in supporting an international student’s pre-entry to studies, during studies and post-graduation. We believe that the right education provides life-long benefits, so we strive to provide services that help students develop self-sustainable futures wherever they choose to live in the future. We connect students with these opportunities through personal connections with our carefully selected and inducted international education agents.

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Alliance Education Services (AES) offers support at EVERY step of a student’s planning. We offer FREE consultations that have a personalised service and a unique concept.

AES is the key link between international students and their ability to access education opportunities in Australia. Alliance Education Services has the key role of forming alliance relationships between international students and our education providers. This professional relationship is strongly based on common objectives and relies on relationships of trust.

Here at AES, our key role is to connect Education Agents and Education Providers with opportunities to develop long lasting and mutually beneficial associations. AES recruits and supports alliance education agents in providing opportunities for students who live abroad to access study opportunities through Australia.

AES is committed to closing the cultural divide between students, education providers and international education agents, thus providing more opportunities to international students seeking educational opportunities here in Australia. We only recruit education agents who have a real passion for contributing to the future of aspiring students. At AES, we believe that informed, dynamic agents are the key to opening doors in Australia and abroad.

AES will find the best possible course for you. You’ve got an incredible career ahead of you and we’ll help set you up for success. We are your guides to navigate the Australian education system.

With our years of experience, our expert knowledge of application processes and requirements, you’ll get the most informed guidance to support your case.